The curriculum of vocational education is developed by PSSCIVE, Bhopal. Tripura Board of Secondary Education issued respective Orders/notifications and guidelines to incorporate the courses in the existing Academic Calendar to ensure that the courses run in sync with the regular classes.

Sl. No. Class Sector(s) Job Role Curriculum
1 IX-X IT-ITeS Domestic Data Entry Operator (SSC/Q2212)  Click Here
2 XI-XII IT-ITeS CRM Domestic Voice (SSC/Q2210) Click Here
3 IX-X Electronics & Hardware Field Technician-Other Home Appliances (ELE/Q3104) Click Here
4 XI-XII Electronics & Hradware Installation Technician Computing and Peripherals (ELE/Q4609) Click Here
5 IX-X Agriculture Animal Health Worker (AGR/Q4804) Click Here
6 IX-X Agriculture Solanaceous Crop Cultivator (AGR/Q0402) Click Here
7 XI-XII Agriculture Dairy Farmer / Entrepreneur (AGR/Q4101) Click Here
8 XI-XII Agriculture Gardener (AGR/Q0801) Click Here
9 IX-X Retail Store Operations Assistant (RAS/Q0101) Click Here